Materials and innovation

Sustainability, ecology, quality surroundings, nature, and safety – this is how we could sum up the ZEP way of conceiving tourism. We have designed a line of prefab buildings entirely made of Made in Italy natural materials: wood, cork, hemp, and clay. Natural materials enable us to evoke unique atmospheres by creating “living” architectural organisms that can breathe like humans and exhale the scent of the woods of Trentino, of the hemp fields of Emilia Romagna, and of the Sicilian cork oaks.

The people who enter these modules instinctively feel in full harmony with the ecosystem, thanks to the careful design of the interiors that constantly interact with the external space, and for the total absence of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment In fact, our tourist modules are designed to be positioned either directly on the ground or on piles, but also floating on wet areas or above ground on trees, depending on the features of the site and of the ecosystem where they are being integrated – and in any case, always in the most nature-friendly way possible.


We have devised 3 types of structures for you: ZEPground, placed directly on the ground; ZEPstilt, anchored to the ground with piles; and ZEPboat, floating on the water. We have also designed 3 different types of one-room and two-room layouts, that can be combined to create any type of square footage you need, even a large villa with a swimming pool. ZEPs can either be connected to the water mains and sewage network or be completely independent thanks to the service compartment located on the outer side of the module to house systems and tanks, to protect the natural environment without sacrificing comfort. They can also be equipped with solar panels on the roof: so, essentially, they can even be installed off-grid in areas without service networks.

Investing in ZEP units ensures a safe return on investment because the structures – that benefit from a 30-years warranty – are reusable and can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. Additionally, they are designed according to the latest Zero Earthquake Damage building protocols. Furthermore, the ZEP modules are the only ones created and designed to ensure premium indoor comfort and bio-safe surroundings in complete harmony with Nature outside: it is easy to understand how these features set them apart from what the market currently offers.

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