New architectural paradigm

The combination of natural materials – wood, cork, and hemp – with antibacterial interiors provides ZEP Residential with unique creativity, sustainability, and safety properties for a prefab building.

Our prefabricated architectural line consists of 100% Made in Italy natural materials that can breathe like living organisms and exhale the scent of the woods of Trentino, of the hemp fields of Emilia Romagna, and of the Sicilian cork oaks.

The people who live in these buildings can’t help but feel in full harmony with nature, thanks to a careful design of the interiors that constantly interact with the external space, and for the total absence of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment, making these homes safe for the whole family.

Furthermore, the interiors can also be fitted with GOLDélite antibacterial, antiviral, and bactericidal material, which can guarantee the highest indoor hygiene and safety standards and is eco-friendly because completely recyclable.


Another peculiar feature of our ZEP Residential housing is the state-of-the-art home automation setup, allowing people to customize their living spaces as needed. Security systems, facial recognition, smart irrigation, indoor air control, and constant testing for pollutants are just some of the countless possibilities. We have designed different types of structures, ranging from one and two-room apartments to a large villa with a swimming pool; we can also have single or double-story structures and even basement floors. If you want to design your home from scratch instead, we can build your very own custom ZEP.

Buying a ZEP Residential unit ensures wholesome interiors, a safe return on investment because the structures – that benefit from a 30-years warranty – are reusable and can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. Additionally, they are absolutely safe and earthquake-proof. Furthermore, the ZEP modules are the only ones created and designed to ensure premium indoor comfort and bio-safe surroundings in complete harmony with Nature outside, and ready-fitted for IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. It is easy to understand how these features set them apart from what the market currently offers.

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